100 Fantastic Blogs for Language Lovers

You don’t have to speak several languages to love it. Whether you just want to brush up on your main language, learn another, or even choose which to learn, there is tons of help on the internet, especially in blog form. To make the most of it, check out these 100 fantastic blogs for language lovers who enjoy vocabulary, grammar, linguistics, and much more. They are written by professors, students, and language lovers alike.

Fantastic Blogs for All Language Lovers

These blogs cover various aspects of language.
    1. Lexiophiles : Learn to love your words with the help of these language lovers. In addition to posts written in several languages, you can get tools such as recommended study abroad programs, translation failures, and much more.

    2. The English Blog : Get internet resources, reviews, news, tips, and trivia for learners and teachers of English. Many entries deal with funny ways to learn and appreciate English.

    3. Join Martin : Marty Drury is a journalist and writer from the Wales who is on a quest to learn different languages. Top posts include Marty meets Tony Buzan and the German Phrase of the Day.

    4. Cuaderno Intercultural : Available in several languages, this is a blog that collects and organizes materials, resources, tips, news, and anything else that can be used to promote intercultural education. Topics include games, vocabulary, and many others.

    5. Language is the People’s : Dan is a full time proofreader in Minnesota who considers himself a “grammar wars foot soldier.” In addition to posts, he also bookmarks language related articles that interest him.

    6. Language Hat : This blog discusses cultural topics from a language related point of view. Recently, the blogger answered a question on the most interesting language.

    7. You Don’t Say : Veteran journalist John McIntyre writes about language, usage, journalism, and more in this blog. Entries often examine errors in the language of other journalists.

    8. The Word Detective : This blogger has been writing on words and language in a humorous vein since 1995. If you like what you read, there is even a side blog.

    9.Everything You Know About English Is Wrong : Bill Brohaugh is an author and language lover who gives commentary on what we speak and why we speak it. Although there hasn’t been an entry in a while, the blog is still worth a look.

    10. Language Log : This blog was started in the summer of 2003 by Mark Liberman and Geoffrey Pullum. Entries are on all sorts of English usage and grammar.

Fantastic Linguist Blogs for Language Lovers

These language experts taking your appreciate of language to the next level through their blogs.

    11. Dr. Goodword’s Language Blog : Also known as Robert Beard, Dr. GW has a PhD in linguistics and has tons of useful entries on his blog. There are also linguistics mini courses, commonly confused words, the top words of every year dating back to 2000, and much more.

    12. The Linguist on Language : Steve Kauffmann is the host of this blog and author of “The Way of the Linguist.” His blog is for people who love languages or would if they weren’t discouraged.

    13. Arnold Zwicky’s Blog : He is a professor of linguistics at Stanford University who blogs mostly about languages. A recent entry examined nonce truncation.

    14. Literal-Minded : Neal gives linguistic commentary and by his own admission takes things too literally. His top posts include Scooby-Doo counterfactual, Christmas song confusion, and rhyming words that don’t sound the same.

    15. The Virtual Linguist : Susan is a linguist who speaks several languages. Categories on her blog include dictionaries, grammar, languages, pronunciation, and even texting.

    16. Ryan’s Linguistics Blog : He is a first year linguistics student at Rutgers University. A recent blog entry examined copula contraction.

    17. Linguism : After taking degrees that included the study of French, Spanish, Linguistics and Phonetics, Graham lectured on phonetics for half a dozen years. Categories of the blog include genealogy, language, music, and names.

    18. The Language Guy : LG is a Professor Emeritus in linguistics at Ohio State University. The latest entry took on an Israeli linguist who was “too full of herself.”

    19. Peter Harvey, Linguist : He is a teacher who has also authored a book entitled, “Great English Mistakes Made by Spanish Speakers.” An excellent stop for those interested in both linguistics and foreign languages.

    20. A Linguist Goes to Law School : Get a small dose of law with your language blog reading here. There are also interesting tools such as the Devil’s Dictionary as well.

Fantastic Grammar Blogs For Language Lovers

These blogs focus on how to put the words in order and other grammatical and language mysteries.

    21. Grammar Girl : Mignon Fogarty is your guide to all things grammar. Get short and informative lessons on topics such as who vs. whom, semicolons, and generic singular pronouns.

    22. The Grammarphobia Blog : Get grammar, usage, etymology, and more with a visit to this blog. Entries typically are a Q & A on many common and uncommon language issues.

    23. Motivated Grammar : If you believe prescriptivism must die, or even know what it is, this is the blog for you. Gabe Doyle is a fourth-year graduate student in linguistics at the University of California, San Diego who takes grammar very seriously.

    24. Grammar for Grown-ups : Barrie focuses on grammar for those who are done with school. If you need some help on the basics, click one of the categories on the left, or check out the latest post.

    25. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar : This is an online journal in which members document their noble efforts. Recent entries took on apostrophes and punctuation.

    26. GrammarBlog : They have been mocking poor grammar since 2007. Visit for tons of tips on speaking properly, along with help for spelling and punctuation.

    27. Mighty Red Pen : The red pen is that dreaded device that is used to fix errors in grammar and language. Learn by watching this blogger correct the mistakes of others.

    28. Cheryl Norman :Stop here for posts about those burning questions about grammar. New posts are sparse, but the archives are worth a look.

Fantastic Specialty Blogs for Language Lovers

The below blogs focus on a specific topic concerning language.

    29. John Wells’s Phonetic Blog : John is a professor of phonetics at University College London. His language blog is focused on how words are pronounced and used.

    30. Fritinancy : Nancy Friedman is the chief wordworker of Wordworking, who creates names, taglines, and compelling brand stories. Naming her blog after a cricket noise, she also writes about the quirks of the English language.

    31. Phonoloblog : Get all things phonology in this blog. A recent entry took a look at how the contributors feel about acronyms.

    32. Young, Single, Multilingual : Michal is your blogger and a language technologist based in Dublin, Ireland. Categories include lexicography, multilingual IT, and better life through grammar.

    33. Language Portal News : If you are a lover of both languages and tech, stop here. This blog has tons of terminology for computer and internet users, in a variety of languages.

    34. Blue Pencil Editing : Focused on writing, the tips are also useful for language. A recent entry examined the difference between continual and continuous.

    35. Wordnik Blog : Wordnik is a site where edutainment meets words and language. The blog is full of words including definitions, origin, and more.

    36. Editrix : This blog is for editors, editors at heart, and anyone who thinks grammar is hot. Although she is taking a break for pregnancy, there are still many useful blog entries.

Fantastic Communities for Language Lovers

Meet other lovers of language by visiting these sites.

    37. Language Exchange Community : Get a pen pal in the language of your choice by visiting here. There are over one million members in 133 countries, practicing 115 languages. There are even text and voice chat options.

    38. Linguaphiles : This LiveJournal community has many active members who love language. Read through the various entries, or submit one of your own.

    39. Linguistic Society of America : If you are serious about your love of language, consider joining the LSA. They also have resources for students and visitors.

    40. Wordsmith : Stop here for a community with Word of the Day, vocabulary, words, language, and more. There are over 800,000 linguaphiles in at least 200 countries.

    41. ESL Forums : If you are learning English as a second language, this community is for you. Forum topics include tools, news, analysis, teaching, and more.

    42. American Dialect Society : Founded in 1889, the ADS is dedicated to the study of the English language in North America, and of other languages and dialects influencing it. Check out the blog for more information on membership, as well as what they are up to.

    43. Penpal International : Get help on learning or appreciating another language by exchanging mail with someone who already speaks it. The searchable database has over 92,000 members of all ages and from over 100 different countries.

    44. WordReference : Also a leading language site, it also offers active forums. There are thousands of members and literally millions of posts on all sorts of language related topics.

    45. Shared Talk : This language community is sponsored by Rosetta Stone. You can meet people, chat, send messages, and make friends all while improving your language skills.

Fantastic Sites for Language Lovers

These sites have tons of resources for those studying or appreciating languages.

    46. Ask the Experts : Oxford Dictionaries are a must visit for any language lover. However, they are especially worth a look for their expert database. There are a ton of FAQ’s on common topics such as grammar, usage, origins, and even most frequently viewed.

    47. Chicago Manual of Style : Anyone who works with words should visit here for tons of tools. They include style sheets, an online manual, quick guide, and much more.

    48. Dictionary of American Regional English : Want to know the difference in what and where English is spoken in the U.S.? Then visit here for the definition of American words, including the region or regions they are most commonly found in.

    49. World Wide Words :Michael Quinion writes on international English from a British viewpoint. Get the latest developments in language, along with his take.

    50. Language Magazine :This publication comes in many different languages with many different tools. You can join a forum, get info on studying abroad, traveling, and more.

    51. Your Dictionary :Search a ton of dictionaries, including medical and legal, all on one site here. They also have fun, games, and other useful language tools.

    52. Ethnologue : Visit here for an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,909 known living languages. They have both a web and print version.

    53. Language Guide : The site offers free sound integrated resources for learning languages. Some of the more unique offerings are on Hebrew, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

    54. Handspeak : Because all language isn’t verbal, stop here for information on sign language. This site has an online dictionary, grammar, stories, manual alphabet, and more just for American Sign Language.

Fantastic Blogs for Language Lovers to Expand Their Vocabulary

Visit all of these blogs to take your “Word of the Day” learning to the next level.

    55. Dictionary.com : A leading online dictionary, this site gets top spots for not only its word, but the audio pronunciation, quotes, and more.

    56. Merriam-Webster : Another online dictionary, they have a Word of the Day, along with many other tools. They also include audio, example sentence, and a “did you know?” on the word.

    57. Oxford English Dictionary: Use this Word of the Day feature to teach yourself many of the older terms used in the English language. There is also information on when the word first appeared.

    58. SAT Tutor’s Blog : Click on “Word of the Day” to get advanced words for SAT test takers. There are also a ton of other vocabulary and language tools.

    59. Today’s WORD on Journalism : You don’t have to love journalism to take advantage of this blog, but it helps. Journalist Ted Pease takes words from publications and analyzes them in his posts.

    60. HotForWords : If you like looking at a pretty girl while expanding your vocabulary, stop here. There are videos, nerd words, and much more for the viewing.

    61. One Look Word of the Day : Every hour a computer program selects five words that get an unusually large number of searches and features them on the site. They also link back to the article they pulled them from.

    62. What Does It Mean? : Infoplease gives several definitions on their word of the day. There are also tons of other tools including dictionary, thesaurus, Fact Monster, and more.

    63. Word of the Day Website : Get a word of the day with a more personal touch here. There are also quizzes, weekly review, and more.

    64. Word of the Day on Twitter : If you have a Twitter account and love of language, sign up for this free word of the day service. There are over 400 words and counting.

Fantastic Blogs for Language Lovers Learning English

These blogs can help immensely in your quest to learn or perfect the English language.

    65. Learner’s Dictionary Blog : Part of Merriam-Webster, the editors of the Learner’s Dictionary maintain this blog to help students at all levels. You can also get tools and downloads for practice and learning.

    66. The Word Blog : “Boston Globe” columnist Jan Freeman blogs on the rules and realities of English usage. Entries often deal with the mistakes of other journalists.

    67. EFL 2.0 : If learning English as a foreign language, this is the blog for you. It is a one stop place for e-learning, social web, Spanish learning, and more.

    68. EFL Geek 3.0 : This blog is of particular interested to those learning English who are from or live in Korea. Blog entries regularly involve lessons.

    69. Kenneth’s ESL Blog : A blogger for About.com, he gives a complete guide to the ESL process. A recent entry showed how to dispute a bill and obtain a driver’s license.

    70. Slang O’ The Day : This blog is ideal for language lovers who need help in the vernacular. Each entry is devoted to a different word in English slang, along with its definition and usage.

    71.Wordlustitude : Similar to the above, this blog explores the lesser known English words. A recent entry defined “fan-muppet-tastic.”

    72. Pick the Brain : This blog helps motivate all towards self improvement. A good stop for those needing help learning English or any language.

    73. The Learning Network : Although not technically a language blog, there are tons of help in learning or teaching just about anything with this blog from “The New York Times.” In addition to regular posts, there are tools such as Student Crossword, Word of the Day, This Day in History, and more.

Fantastic Blogs for Language Lovers Learning Other Languages

If you are an English speaker learning another language, check out these blogs.

    74. Freestyle Language : Get a unique perspective on learning a foreign language from Chapman. Reviews of language learning techniques and products are included in the blog.

    75. Omniglot : Stop here for musings on language, learning, and teaching. Simon’s philosophy is that one language is never enough.

    76. Fluent in Three Months : Benny is an “Irish polyglot” who knows how crazy the title of his blog sounds. Most popular posts include how to get rid of your English accent and what to do when speaking a foreign language.

    77. Foreign Language Blog : Get tips on how to learn a foreign language from this expert. A recent entry examined the pro’s and con’s of learning a language online.

    78. 37 Languages : Beginning in December 2008, Keith decided to embark on a process of reviewing 37 languages to find the one perfect for him. He is currently reviewing Thai, which is number 29.

    79. Babelhut : These bloggers write about experiences on the path to fluency in their target languages and about other related topics. A recent entry examined Barra de Espanol.

    80. Spanish Only : Learn how to speak Spanish with the help of this blog. Must reads include how to roll your “r” and ignoring grammar.

    81. Chinese Blog : Follow Andrew on his studies to learn the Chinese language. There is even a word of the day in Chinese.

    82. Polish Blog : Anna Ikeda gives loads of help on learning the Polish language. She also includes Polish culture, games, and phrases.

Fantastic Podcasts for Language Lovers Learning Other Languages

Because language isn’t all reading, listen to these podcasts for more.

    83.Coffee Break Spanish : Part of the Radio Lingua Network, this free series of podcasts is ideal for beginners through intermediate. There are 80 lessons averaging 15 to 20 minutes each and even a step by step guide.

    84. Notes in Spanish : Get free, authentic Spanish conversations about real-life topics in this podcast. In addition to levels taught, you can also get worksheets.

    85. One Minute French : Got a love of language but only 60 seconds to devote to it? Then try this free series of mini-lessons in for English speakers who want to learn French.

    86. A Flavour of German : These podcasts are intended for intermediate to advanced speakers. They provides a fresh look at German idioms as native speaker Julia helps learn Mark improve his range of expression.

    87. Learn Italian Language with Podcasts : Language lovers can choose four different levels at which to learn Italian from beginner to expert. The latest episode was on nicknames and culture.

    88. Chinese Pod : Learn the Mandarin language with the help of this podcast. There is a charge, but the first seven days are free.

    89. A Spoonful of Russian :Although the podcast has been discontinued, it is still free to view and take advantage of. There are also downloadable lessons, puzzles, and conversations.

    90. Arabic Pod : With constantly updated episodes, this is a must visit for all lovers of the Arabic language. There is also a dictionary, forum, blog, and more.

Fantastic Podcasts for Language Lovers

Take your English to a higher level with the audio and expert help of these podcasts.

    91. Listen to English : The podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as listening skills. There are two short three to five minute podcasts every week, with the latest on changing your name.

    92. A Way With Words : Martha and Grant bring a show dedicated to language featured on public radio. You can listen to a full episode online or join the discussion forums.

    93.Grammar Monkeys : Part of the “Wichita Eagle,” this is a language podcast from their copy desk. A recent episode examined rack versus wrack.

    94. Speaking English Podcast : This podcast can help you sound like a native English speaker in no time. 125 episodes and counting, the latest is on do not vs. donut vs. donate.

    95. Free English Lessons : Provided by China 232, this is another podcast for those who need help with their English. Recent episodes are on learning the language for business.

    96. ESL Pod : Those learning English as a second language will enjoy these podcasts. They even list their top ten popular episodes including seeing a specialist and dining at a restaurant.

    97. Free Language : Get lessons as podcasts for a number of languages, including resources for kids and teens. Languages available include Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.

    98. Daily English Pod : This is one of the leading language providers on the internet. It also allows you to sample before you buy.

    99. Business English Pod : Visit here for a podcast focused on helping you learn English for business purposes. There are over 140 episodes, with the latest on how to ask for a pay raise.

    100. Linq : You can literally learn many common languages from this site, including English. The site uses the linguist method and a host of other tools to help you learn.

Whether just starting out on a language or looking to perfect it, there is loads of help from these 100 fantastic blogs for language lovers. Ideal for speaking, writing, or just meeting someone with similar interests.

101 Tools For The Ultimate Twitter Expert

Think you know Twitter? Then check out these 101 tools for the ultimate Twitter expert to gain even more insight. They can help with research, organization, managing, and even in making a few extra bucks.

Must See Ultimate Tools for the Twitter Expert
The newest and best in Twitter tools are a must see or utilize to believe.

  1. Cinchcast : One of the newest social networking tools, this one has tons of options on just one site. Sign up for a free account and you can post “cinches,” create albums, track your favorites, and share them on a host of social network sites, including Twitter.
  2. TweetCube : Use your Twitter account as online storage with this free tool. Simply sign in to utilize the 10mb of space in video, image, and more. Files are deleted after 30 days, but the use is impressive.
  3. Filetwt : Another file sharing site, you can upload all sorts of files here. They can also be shared publicly or privately.
  4. NutshellMail : Twitter from your email account with this free tool. It comes with many features and is even compatible with other social network sites.
  5. twAitter :  A favorite of “PC Magazine” and others, this free tool is where Twitter and business meet. Use it to organize tweets, FollowFriday, calendars, reminders, and much more.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Make Money
Use these Twitter tools to make, or even save, some money.

  1. Adcause : Whether looking to buy or sell an ad, this is a good place to start. There are special sections of each, ads are displayed in between Tweets, and campaigns start at just $1.00.
  2. twtQpon : This Twitter tool lets you create custom coupons on post them on your page. Facebook and other social media sites are supported.
  3. Twtaway : Use this Twitter tool to locate tons of free contest and win great stuff just by twittering. You can even use it to create your own specialized contest.
  4. TwtBizCard : Save money on printing charges by using your Twitter account to pass on a virtual one. Just type in your information to get a free and custom card.
  5. Super Chirp! : Are your tweets popular enough to charge a subscription rate? Then check out this tool to see how they can help you.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Stay Organized
Use your Twitter time wisely by using these tools to organize your life, bank book, and more.

  1. Xpenser : Keep track of all your financial comings and goings using this free tool. Compatible with Twitter, iPhone, emails, and much more.
  2. Ugomo : This tool can turn Twitter into your very own workout log. Simply send a message and Ugomo can create charts, summaries, reports, and more.
  3. TwtTRIP : Use this Twitter themed organizer to keep track of your trips. Simply stop by to add your travel plans and share with other sites like Facebook or FriendFeed.
  4. Gift Registry: Stay on top of that wedding, birthday, or holiday by utilizing this free Twitter tool. No sign up required, the list is simply embedded in your Tweet feed.
  5. 21 Tweets : Need to quit smoking or stick to a diet? Then join the over 1,300 people who have used Twitter and this tool to do so in just 21 days..

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter and Mac Expert
Utilize Twitter and a variety of Mac OS platforms with these tools.

  1. TweetDeck : This tool is a must see for anyone using Twitter or other social utility site. It works with many popular ones, multiple accounts, platforms, and is completely free.
  2. TwitterPost : Use this standalone interface to post and read Twitter directly from your Mac. It is a lightweight and simple solution for Mac users who love Twitter.
  3. Twidget : This free dashboard widget for OS X allows you to update your Twitter status. Features include a 20 display timeline, one click refresh, reply recognition, and more.
  4. Tweetie : Choose the free ad supported version or shell out the $19.95 for the premium. It works with conversations, composition, searches, details, and more.
  5. Twitterrific : Need more features and have $14.95 to back it up? Then try this Twitter client for the Mac that supports multiple accounts, has keyboard shortcuts, and many other options.
  6. Lounge : Also available for the iPhone, Lounge contains many of the usual tools for Twitter from desktop. It also has many other features such as impressive displays and synchronization.
  7. Twitterlex : This tiny dashboard widget notifies you of Twitter updates. You can modify how often it updates and even use it with Growl.
  8. twhirl : Based on the Adobe Air platform, this tool works with Twitter and other accounts, such as FriendFeed and Seesmic. It allows you to shorten URLs, cross-post, and more.
  9. Safari140 : Use Twitter in tangent with Safari with this tool. You can post directly from Safari and it even auto-shortens long URLs.
  10. Incoming! : Unlike other apps, Incoming! is dedicated to searching Twitter and is available as a demo. Follow the latest trending topics, create advanced searches, or stalk your favorite users.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter and Firefox Expert
One of the preferred Internet browsers, Firefox can work nicely with either a Mac or PC. Get it to work with Twitter by checking out these tools.

  1. Twitterfox : This tool stands out for its ability to run without utilizing the sidebar or any other component of Firefox. A tiny icon notifies you of new tweets, allows you to read them, and even lets you post your own, without ever having to open your Twitter page.
  2. Power Twitter : Get some amazing Twitter themed features added to Firefox with the help of this tool. They include the ability to inline embedded media from popular sites, get search results, a “peek” option, and more.
  3. Twitbin : If not using your sidebar in Firefox, try getting this tool to utilize it for all your Twitter needs. Get a better display of Twitter than the above, along with a few more options.
  4. Tweetbar : Users of Firefox and Flock will enjoy this Twitter tool for them. Highlights include recognizing URLs and turning them into links, remembering username and password, and more.
  5. Tweetfox : This Mozilla made add-on works with both Firefox and Thunderbird applications. It also runs Twitter in the sidebar.
  6. TwittyTunes : Have FoxyTunes or just like the idea of sharing the music your currently listening to on Twitter? Then check out this tool to integrate music into your Twitter account.
  7. Friendbar : If you use Firefox, Twitter, and Facebook, this tool is a must have. It displays a running stream of text and photo updates right on the toolbar, and allows you to post updates, comment, update, retweet, and reply from the toolbar itself.
  8. TwitterBar : This simple tool allows you to post to your Twitter account from Firefox from your address bar. Simply type text into the bar and click the TwitterBar icon to post.
  9. Shareaholic : Go beyond Twitter and Firefox to hit just about every social media site with this tool. This lightweight and easy to use tool is supported by gmail and LinkedIn, along with Amazon, Delicious, Wordpress, and many others.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert That Dazzle
Get these Twitter tools to give you a visually impressive social network experience.

  1. Hoot Suite : A professional looking Twitter client, it is ideal for business minded users. It can manage workflow, track stats, brand monitoring, and more.
  2. IRL Connect : Turn your Twitter account into a visually stunning map with this tool. Currently only supported with Firefox 3, Safari, and Chrome.
  3. Destroy Twitter : When a new tweet arrives, Destroy Twitter uses a minimal amount of memory compared to its AIR-based alternatives without sacrificing functionality and performance. For users with PC, Mac, or Linux.
  4. ffwd : View and share your favorite videos with all your Twitter friends here. Supported sites include YouTube, Hulu, and more.
  5. TwittLink : Use this tool to bring the power of Twitter to your website. It helps use headlines to bring the Twitter community to you.
  6. SumtnSumtn : Similar to the above, this tool allows you to send tweets through your website. Drag the bookmarklet and click it to begin tweeting.
  7. PeraperaPrv : This Java written client is supported by multiple platforms. Features include tabbed viewing, automatic receiving, and many others.
  8. Refollow : This impressive looking tool helps you discover, manage, and even protect your Twitter social circle. You can use it to manage friends, group, explore graphs, and more.
  9. Twitter Backgrounds : Stop here to make your own free, customizable background for your Twitter page. They can also create a professional one for $99.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Research
Use these tools to make sense of your Twitter based research.

  1. MicroPlaza : Stop here first for a list of popular topics and news from the Twitter public timeline. Read the latest headlines, trends, and even get your own filtered news here.
  2. Twittley : Sign in with your own Twitter account to begin getting popular links. Choose from business, gaming, and a host of other topics.
  3. TipTop Search Engine : Search Twitter for anything to utilize this one of a kind search engine. Results contain advice and opinion, along with answers.
  4. WeFollow : Looking for the most popular user in news, entertainment, sports, or other? Then stop here for constantly updated rankings of Twitter users by followers.
  5. TwitExplorer : Use this free tool to quickly find new friends and increase your visibility. Search by username or any keyword.
  6. Twitter Friends Network Browser : Looking for that friend of a friend? Then use this tool to view your follower’s networks as trees for easy searching.
  7. Twittonary : Use this dictionary to research some of the most common and uncommon phrases in the Twitter verse. Simply type in the word to begin.
  8. postica : Use these virtual stickies to send yourself research notes through and from Twitter. Also compatible with your computer and iGoogle.
  9. Trendistic : Research the hottest trends in Twitter with this tool. It can show trends by chart or even by recent hot topics.
  10. WhosTalkin? : Is someone else talking about the subject your researching? Use this tool to see what conversations have been discussed on Twitter.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert’s Other Tools
Replace that day planner, calendar, and more with the below Twitter tools.

  1. Twittercal : Integrate your Google calendar to your Twitter account with this tool. Add and share events with a simple registration.
  2. Cal Tweet : Put the fliers away and use this tool to promote your events on both Twitter and Facebook. It also works with Google Maps and can send reminder messages.
  3. Twistory : Put away your journal and use this tool to turn Twitter into an online account of all your important tweets. It automatically stores them on many popular calendar apps.
  4. Twittermail : When you give them your Twitter credentials, they supply you with a TwitterMail email address, such as abcd1234@twittermail.com. If you send an email to that address it will be posted to Twitter.com
  5. Twitpay : Put away your checkbook/Paypal account and use this tool to make online transactions. It works with your existing Paypal account and can even help you sale items over Twitter.
  6. Twuffer : No need to remind yourself to send tweets when you can automatically schedule them here. You can even schedule hourly, daily, or monthly tweets.
  7. Social Oomph: Formerly Tweet Later, they are also a tweet scheduler. They can also track keywords, save drafts, automatically tweet new followers, and more.
  8. Twitpic : Use this tool as a way to show off those pics using your camera, phone, or computer. Just log in with your Twitter info to begin.
  9. Mr. Tweet : This tool provides an impressive substitute for an online personal assistant. It helps you manage and choose which Twitter relationships you would like to pursue.
  10. Tweet Beep : Have a friend who constantly tells you who was tweeting about you? Get one step ahead of them with this free tool that alerts you by email every time someone tweets about your or your products.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert with iPhones
Carry your Twitter account with you on your iPhone by utilizing these free and paid tools.

  1. Tweetie for iPhone : Winner of many awards and praise, this Twitter tool is worth the $2.99 price tag. It can handle multiple accounts, has an offline mode, doesn’t crash if you get a call, and much more.
  2. Tweetstack : Also selling for $2.99, this app also boasts an impressive number of features. There are also multiple account options, a special feature called “stacks,” and more.
  3. Twiltr : Love Twitter but hate all of the users who constantly clog up your timeline? Then get this paid program to filter them.
  4. Twittelator : If your favorite thing about Twitter is the price tag, then this free iPhone tool is for you. It can post images, maps, has a help button, no ads, and there is also a Pro version available for purchase.
  5. Twitterfon : Get a simple, clean Twitter client for your iPhone at no charge here. It can do most daily tasks such as manage friends, replies, timeline, and more.
  6. Twinkle : A standout feature of this tool is that it automatically updates your current location using your iPhone. You can even automatically attach pictures from your phone to your feed.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Meet Others
Get to know other Twitter people by utilizing these tools.

  1. Twibes : Find a join one of the hundreds of Twitter groups on this site. Join by area of interest, location, and more.
  2. Campus Tweet : Join the Twitter group of your current, and even former, college or university. You can meet other students, teachers, and people with similar interests.
  3. FitClick : Stop here to meet others in the diet and/or workout arena. In addition to the network, you also get a ton of free tools including, diet plans, calorie counters, and more.
  4. Bubble : Meet someone special based on your tweets with this tool. Simply enter your email to begin.
  5. Tweets Lounge : Want to know what’s going on in your area? Then use this tool to tweet those around you and see what’s going on.
  6. TwitWho : A human edited directory, find Twitter users by category. They include arts, business, society, and more.
  7. Tweeple411 : Similar to the above, it is another directory of Twitter users. Specialty categories of users include animal and poetry lovers.
  8. Twitter 2000 : Getting too many results with the above? Then try this search to find Twitter users with less than 2,000 followers who have posted in the last 30 days.
  9. OpenChatVille : This virtual playground is where Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace users meet friends and chat each other. Just sign in with any one of these three sites to begin chatting.
  10. Flock Poker : Use this Twitter tool to create a poker game and have other Twitter users join you. A game of Texas Hold ‘Em can also be shared on other sites.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert for Fun
Ditch the “all work” philosophy and have some fun with these Twitter tools.

  1. Twtpoll : Want to know what color to dye your hair or what car to buy? Then use this tool to create a free poll and ask your friends their opinion.
  2. DrawTweet : Use this free tool to show off your hand/mousemade drawings on Twitter. Powered by Adobe AIR.
  3. twtpets : Upload a photo of your pet and 140 characters to enter the battle. You can also enter the Battlefield to decide on a winner.
  4. Twrivia : Play this online Twitter version of trivia straight from your account. Prizes can also be won.
  5. Twetris : Love Twitter and Tetris? Then use this tool to play a game on your account with your keyboard.
  6. PrintYourTwitter : Before the next big thing comes along, use this tool to print a diary of all of your tweets. You can also archive them as a pdf, create a journal, and even add tweets to photos.
  7. Twitter Parody Videos : Get a few laughs from these Twitter themed videos. This top ten list includes entries from Conan O’Brien, The Onion, and more.
  8. Twittergrader : See where you rank on the massive site by typing in your tweet name. It looks at number of followers, their involvement, and the level at which you are engaging the community.
  9. idrankthis : Keep a log of all the drinks you’ve loved, and hated, using this free Twitter tool. Pictures are also supported.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Get Together
Meet up with your fellow Twitter users by utilizing these tools.

  1. Twtvite : Create or find an event, or Tweetup, in your town. Simply enter basic information on your event and share with everyone or just your Tweeps.
  2. Twitmesh : This tool allows you to send out invitations via Twitter to groups of your choice. You can even send 150 per day.
  3. GoTwitr : Another invitation site, this one is ideal for sending invites to the community in general. There are also other features such as “mimic follow,” promotions, and more.
  4. Tweetcloud : Search for anything, anywhere to get a list of Twitter exclusive results. A list of current and hot topics are already linked to for convenience.
  5. Tweetsum : This tool is ideal for getting rid of those you follow whom are designated “douche bags.” You can also see the most recent tweets of each new follower for easy indexing.
  6. Friend or Follow : Use this free tool to see who is following you and who isn’t on Twitter. Useful for seeing who isn’t following you back.
  7. Twitterless : Want to know when someone stops following you? Then try this free tool that even throws in free graphs and stats on your following.
  8. Twitoria : Use this tool to get rid of all the followers on Twitter who have not been active. You can filter by week, month, or even year.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Stay Out of Stores
Put away the pocketbook and stay in your chair with the help of these Twitter tools.

  1. twtcard : Save a trip to the store by sending a custom greeting card through Twitter. Choose from various backgrounds and add your own message to make it special.
  2. Hashlove : Another greeting card site, this one specializes in eCards. Simply pick a background, including Star Trek and funny ones, to begin.
  3. Zazzle : Shop online here for a host of humorous t-shirts and other Twitter themed products. Be sure to check out the Twitter mug for a customizable gift.
  4. Twitdrink :  Buy a drink for any or all of your Twitter buddies with this tool. As guessed, drinks are virtual and only useful for fun.
  5. Just Bought It : Stay out or get into a store with the help of this tool. It shows which Twitter users have bought what and where to give you a good idea of when to go.
  6. iAte : Learn which restaurants to love or lose with this tool. Simply select your location and go. Also compatible with mobile devices.

With new tools being added daily, Twitter experts can find themselves behind the loop on a regular basis. Keep on top of trends by utilizing the 101 tools for the ultimate Twitter expert to stay that way in the present and future.

15 Fashion Blogs for Those with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

What happens when you love to shop for the latest fashions but your budget has put a crunch on your spending limits? We all know times are hard, and the latest Christian Dior over the knee boots is just not an option right now. So when it comes to finding your best look for less, we are providing you with a list of fabulous fashion blogs for those with champagne taste on a beer budget. These blogs will provide you with some helpful tips for buying clothes and accessories in your price range. Here are our choices for the top fifteen.

  1. Counting PenniesFrugal Fashionista -With plenty of variety in her posts, this fashionista provides online shoppers with a mixture of topics such as thorough weekly deals, retailer spotlights, and bargain and steal listings. There is also a section on cost oriented celebrity style recreations. The Frugal Fashionista has been giving doses of inexpensive fashion advice since 2006 with the emphasis on celebrity looks. Even better, seek out your special look by choosing areas like Screen Style, 10 Under $10,Trend Spotting, and Budget Beauty. When you do find that style you’re looking for, the clothes on this blog are simple to find for fast online shopping.
  2. DC Goodwill Fashion Blog -Not only does Goodwill provide career training and job services to those with disabilities and disadvantages, they now give their readers haute retro fashion ideas at thrift shop prices. Although there are the expected hints to visit the DC Goodwill Ebay Store, they also enjoy references to stores such as Hot Topic and Forever 21.
  3. The Budget Babe -The Budget Babe is committed to giving you marvelous, budget friendly fashion on a consistent basis. Her posts encompass a range of style advice on trendy updates, straightforward step by step instructions on celebrity lookalikes, stories, and sale tip offs. Previously working as a producer on some of the major subject matter for Oprah.com, this blog is first class when it comes to supplying you with superior web skills for your online purchasing enjoyment.
  4. The Cheap Chica – This native Floridian prides herself on being a pocket friendly fashion blogger. Her articles and posts entail a variety of frugal looks like Michelle Obama’s renowned white Jason Wu gown and a plethora of printable coupons and just as many coupon codes. There are also feature highlights of spectacular finds that are all under $20. These bargains are almost always exact clones of gorgeous designer fashions.
  5. SALE-1The Art of the Steal – With an extensive education in the fine arts, this blogger uses her sense of hue, symmetry, and pattern to simulate some of the latest designer outfits at a discount price. She is also a guru on spotting new trends that can fit any working women’s depleting bank account.
  6. The Budget Fashionista – Known as the pioneer of the budget fashion blogs, the Budget Fashionista, aka Kathryn Finney, has been delivering fashionable encouragement to cash deficient readers for over three years. In particular, her niche is giving you the latest and greatest sales tips and coupon codes out there. One of her latest posts is her Fall Fashion Guide for 2009, filled with thrifty but tasteful selections. In addition to all of the above, she blesses us with an extensive list of sample sales going on in cities all over the nation only available to her subscribers.
  7. SheFinds.com – SheFinds.com will always keep you inept of the latest fashion and trends while still letting you keep some money in your pocket. This blogger stays on top of the week’s latest sales, with a specific emphasis on online deals and discounts. Keep yourself in the loop by subscribing to the free daily newsletter. Besides all the wonderful savings you can save some valuable time with her convenient searches based on what specific item of clothing you’re looking for. For busy moms, try their sister site MomFinds.com.
  8. Style It Less – Get exclusive sale tip offs, complete and super chic outfits with all components totaling for under $100, great budget friendly fashion pieces spotlights – Style It Less has got it all. Also, you should like featured articles like the detailed and exciting Screen Actors Guild Awards gorgeous gown conglomeration.
  9. Broke and Beautiful – You will definitely admire this bloggers outlook on fashion, with her comments and topics that envelop the idea that quality is supreme and prices are perpetually debatable. Along with her sassy and thrifty fashion sense, she encourages the power of self esteem and beauty for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes by providing detailed style guides and advice to make them feel as attractive on the outside as they are on the inside.
  10. The Recessionista – The Recessionista enlightens you on luxurious items for a fragment of the cost. Whether it be fashion, travel, or restaurants, she brings a taste of the finer things to her readers. Find deals and steals on this site from designers all over the world as well as from some of the simpler stores most of us are use to such as Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy and the Gap.
  11. mix and matchViva Fashion Blog – This blogger used to report on topics such as fashion and entertainment. Now, she writes about the the most current styles for those thrifty shoppers. Posts cover a variety of topics expressly for those with in interest in fashion without the interest building in their bank accounts. Posts are creative when it comes to the celebrity look for less as well as an number of celebrity interviews and the latest trends.
  12. Shopalicious – : For those of us who really could use some retail therapy but also need to eat, this blogger keeps an eye out for simple discounts and sales that won’t leave you hungry. With a keen niche on style and design, the objective of the writer is met with absolutely wonderful daily deals as well as exclusive coupon codes.
  13. I Spy, Thrift Eye – This is a small site with big bargains! Written by a woman who has a passion for thrift store and consignment fashions that she can replicate with celebrity and top designer clothes and accessories. You can also visit her at her store on eBay.
  14. Bargain Babe – Julia Scott left LA Daily News as a business and to become a frugal blogger. Although many of her articles generally offer meaningful tips for living well on a budget in all aspects of life, she has a very large section in where she highlights the website TheThriftShopper.com, a countrywide resource of about ten thousand charity shops searchable by your ZIP code.
  15. The Fashionable Housewife – You will love this blog from a group of stylish and chic writers/housewives that have been providing women with insights into being a fabulous housewife for less for a little over three years. The main goal of this blog is to help women see that just because you’re a housewife and/or a mother doesn’t mean you can’t still look trendy and hot! She also flirts in a couple of subjects such as fitness and the general healthy living for women.

By shopping at thrift stores and consignments shops and digging through your closet for old but new styles, we hope that these frugal fashion blogs can provide you with some well needed retail therapy. These blogs provide more than the above ideas, but rather a whole community of thrifty fashionist as dedicated to providing today’s women with the helpful advice needed to stay in without breaking their budget

50 Must-Read Novels from the 20th Century

Literature, as with all forms of creative expression, is a highly subjective art. The preferences of one individual may not necessarily overlap with those of another. However, many books nevertheless hold significant influence over both contemporaries and society as a whole. If not necessarily read for enjoyment, they ought to at least be acknowledged for their insight and impact. This list intends to blend highly recognized and celebrated works with those that may have gone overlooked by those outside the literary community and deserve more mainstream attention. Regardless of their status, each novel provides readers with something valuable, whether it be historical context, an intelligent exploration of some aspect of society, or some combination thereof.

    1. The Jungle (1906)

    Upton Sinclair

    A muckraking exploration of worker exploitation and inadequate food safety laws in America, this novel directly led President Teddy Roosevelt to pass the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

    2. The Metamorphosis (1915)

    Author: Franz Kafka

    One of the quintessential existentialist novels, Kafka’s story of a man who awakes one morning to discover himself transformed into a giant pest (often interpreted as some sort of insect) offers a disheartening glimpse into several societal ills.

    3. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)

    Author: James Joyce

    A journey of sexuality, exile, colonialism, and aesthetics, this semi-autobiographical novel mirrors many of Joyce’s own personal struggles with himself and his native land.

    4. Siddhartha (1922)

    Author: Hermann Hesse

    Although not a story of Siddhartha Gautama, recognized as the supreme Buddha, the protagonist who shares his name follows a similar path to enlightenment. Every one of his experiences and interactions contribute something valuable towards his journey.

    5. The Great Gatsby (1925)

    Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

    A celebrated allegory of the jazz age, this novel explores the degradation of the supposed “American Dream” and the depressingly desperate lengths one man resorts to in order to achieve it.

    6. As I Lay Dying (1930)

    Author: William Faulkner

    Slipping through hallucinogenic stream-of-consciousness, the lives of several family members become further intertwined as they gather to bury their matriarch in this thick allegory of Southern decay.

    7. The Good Earth (1931)

    Author: Pearl S. Buck

    Buck’s empathic portrayal of a struggling farmer and his wife influenced Americans to accept the Chinese as their allies in the looming World War. Though tied inextricably with its setting, the narrative of a farmer and his family struggling to maintain control of their lives and their land transcends time and place.

    8. The Waves (1931)

    Author:Virginia Woolf

    A risky, edgy exploration of homosexuality and female desire in an era of alarmism and censorship, Woolf challenged her readers to consider concepts beyond the perceptions of decent society. As friends convene over a mutual tragedy, many of the ideas and philosophies foreshadowing the eventual feminist movement begin to crystallize.

    9. Of Mice and Men (1937)

    Author: John Steinbeck

    The dusty, tragic tale of two migrant workers battling oppression and poverty during the Great Depression, one of Steinbeck’s most renowned works explores his heroes’ relationship to one another as well as the desperation that surrounds them.

    10. Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937)

    Author: Zora Neale Hurston

    Anthropologist Hurston drew from her research in both the Caribbean and the American South to shed light on the personal experiences of Americans from African or Caribbean descent.

    Source: Wikipedia

    11. Out of the Silent Planet (1938)

    Author: C.S. Lewis

    In a world as imaginative and lively as his beloved Narnia, Lewis tackles science fiction by populating alien landscapes with fantastic creatures offering some all-to-human insight.

    12. Goodbye to Berlin (1939)

    Author: Christopher Isherwood

    A parade of satires, eccentrics, and grotesques pepper this series of intersecting short stories, all inspired by real characters Isherwood encountered in Berlin prior to the onset of Nazism.

    13. Reflections in a Golden Eye (1941)

    Author: Carson McCullers

    Two enlisted men stationed on a military base, one of whom is an officer, grapple against social taboos against sexualities beyond the heteronormative. A daring novel challenging many paranoiac perceptions surrounding it, McCullers takes readers to some of the darker corners of humanity’s psyche.

    14. The Stranger (1942)

    Author:Albert Camus

    Although frequently labeled as an existentialist work, Camus drew from a very broad spectrum of religious, philosophical, literary, and political philosophies to craft his tale of a murderer attempting to make sense of the increasingly absurd and apathetic events in his life.

    15. Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948)

    Author: Truman Capote

    As the Old South begins crumbling into ruin around him, a young boy gets sent away to live with an unknown relative and finds himself questioning his understanding of humanity and all of its beautiful and confusing constructs.

    16. 1984 (1949)

    Author: George Orwell

    One of the most influential political and dystopian novels ever written, this undisputed classic dissects the role of the individual as he or she relates to the collective. A devout socialist, Orwell penned his fascinating and horrifying tome with the intent of exposing the logical extremes of communism, fascism, and totalitarianism.

    17. Catcher in the Rye (1951)

    Author: J.D. Salinger

    Though published in 1951, Salinger’s iconic, rebellious antihero Holden Caulfield still remains a refreshing, albeit unreliable, voice denouncing the phoniness and hypocrisy of American society.

    18. Invisible Man (1953)

    Author: Ralph Ellison

    Few novels capture the raw emotion of the African-American community prior to the Civil Rights movement better than Invisible Man. Ellison bottles the marginalization, the frustration, and the trivialization of his contemporaries into an explosive, evocative, and politically charged Molotov cocktail of a masterpiece.

    19. Lord of the Flies (1954)

    Author: William Golding

    A micro look at a macro theme, this tale of British schoolboys stranded on an island after a plane crash looks into the ways different factions and civilizations clash in an attempt to secure power.

    20. Lolita (1955)

    Author:Vladimir Nabokov

    Most readers zero in on the controversial consensual pedophiliac relationship at the center of the novel, bypassing the fact that at its very core, it painstakingly dissects the various ways in which the line between victims and victimizers alike sometimes begins to blur.


    Source: Wikipedia

    21. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (1956)

    Author: Yukio Mishima

    With a deft understanding of the frightening recesses of the human mind, Mishima dissects both madness and martyrdom as a young Buddhist acolyte grows eerily enamored with his temple home.

    22. The Dharma Bums (1958)

    Author: Jack Kerouac

    Kerouac stood as one of the lynchpins of the Beat Generation, and his free-floating The Dharma Bums accurately reflects his community’s search for meaning in an increasingly starched, whitewashed, and conformist Atomic Age.

    23. Night (1958)

    Author: Eli Wiesel

    Few novels truly capture the wrenching, degrading horrors of the Holocaust more than this tragic, educational, and semi-autobiographical account of life in a concentration camp. It is as shockingly gruesome as it is entirely necessary.

    24. Things Fall Apart (1958)

    Author: Chinua Achebe

    Intense Igbo leader Okonkwo watches as his tribe begins to crack and dissolve from within as well as from external sources such as the British colonization of Nigeria. This novel stands as one of the most enlightening and provocative works of postcolonial literature ever written.

    25. To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)

    Author: Harper Lee

    A thematically wealthy novel of innocence sundered, Lee’s only lengthy work also serves to perpetuate a valuable message of social justice and maintaining integrity in the face of adversity.

    26. Catch-22 (1961)

    Author: Joseph Heller

    With his pitch-black satirical comedy, Heller shoots out barbs against war and violence by painting government bureaucracies as absurdist exercises in futility.

    27. A Clockwork Orange (1962)

    Author: Anthony Burgess

    Burgess juxtaposes the violence of ruthless street gangs with the apathy of government experimentation in his bizarre yet provocative dystopian novel that questions the nature and boundaries of free will.

    28. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962)

    Author: Ken Kesey

    Inspired by his experiences as both an orderly at a mental health institution and participant in the MKULTRA experiments, Kesey’s debut novel shines a light on one of society’s most overlooked, scorned, and misunderstood communities.

    29. Cat’s Cradle (1963)

    Author: Kurt Vonnegut

    Technology, religion, science, and the Cold War all fall prey to scathing, witty humor that simultaneously dissects all of their major tenets.

    30. Herzog (1964)

    Author: Saul Bellow

    Structured in an epistolary style, this novel burrows through the mind of protagonist Moses Herzog as he falls victim to a traumatic midlife crisis.

    Source: Wikipedia

    31. A Moveable Feast (1964)

    Author: Ernest Hemingway

    In this work of creative nonfiction, Hemingway reflects back on his experience as an expatriate in Paris during the 1920s and his interactions with numerous influential writers and artists.

    32.  A Personal Matter (1964)

    Author: Kenzaburo Oe

    Parental responsibility and escapism comprise the heart of this novel, where a father succumbs to alcohol and womanizing as a means of distracting himself from a nauseating decision involving his mentally handicapped newborn son.

    33. Maus (1972)

    Author/Artist: Art Spiegelman

    An essential example of Holocaust literature and the graphic novel format alike, this two-volume work is also framed by a compelling tale of Spiegelman’s attempts to repair the fractured relationship with his father.

    34. Gravity’s Rainbow (1973)

    Author:Thomas Pynchon

    A bizarre, postmodern interpretation of World War II, this novel rambles through 73 episodes and over 400 characters as it explores a veritable laundry list of themes and ideas.

    35. Suttree (1979)

    Author: Cormac McCarthy

    Out of nowhere, a wealthy family man walks out on his luxurious life and confines himself in a houseboat on the Tennessee River. He encounters a diverse lot of scoundrels and learns more about himself and his surroundings in the process.

    36. A Confederacy of Dunces (1980)

    Author: John Kennedy Toole

    One of the most endearingly absurd and fast-paced novels ever to win the Pulitzer, Toole paints a unique yet highly adroit portrait of New Orleans that is at once hilarious and tragic. Protagonist Ignatius Reilly remains as iconic as he does characteristically flatulent.

    37. The Color Purple (1982)

    Author: Alice Walker

    Set in Georgia during the 1930s, this rich work centers on the struggles of several African-American women, who existed as one of the most unjustly ignored and marginalized groups at the time.

    38. White Noise (1985)

    Author: Don DeLillo

    Beautifully postmodern, protagonist Jack Gladney and his family must begin to analyze and face down their mortality in the wake of a local disaster.

    39. Watchmen (1986)

    Author: Alan Moore

    Artist: Dave Gibbons

    Unfolding in an alternate version of 1985, Moore and Gibbons’s seminal graphic novel heavily deconstructs traditional superhero mythos in order to comment on Reaganism, Thatcherism, and the Cold War.

    40. Kitchen (1988)

    Author: Banana Yoshimoto

    Centering on themes of food, love, loss, and grief in Tokyo, this debut novel peers into the comforts and the constraints of a life suspended within a highly collectivist society.

    Source: Wikipedia

    41. We (1988)

    Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin

    Written between 1920-1921 but not published until 1988, Zamyatin’s novel of a grim dystopian, totalitarian future drew from his experiences in two different Russian revolutions.

    42. A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain (1992)

    Author: Robert Olen Butler

    Immigrants, Veterans, prostitutes, and other alienated figures find their lonely lives beginning to weave together in Louisiana shortly after the end of the Vietnam War.

    43. Snow Crash (1992)

    Author: Neal Stephenson

    An indispensable cornerstone of the cyberpunk movement, this painstakingly researched novel accurately predicted the eventual rise of metaverse constructs such as Second Life, virtual globe services such as Google Earth, and the language-based memes prolific in internet culture.

    44. Art & Lies (1994)

    Author: Jeanette Winterson

    A postmodernist work of magic realism, the lives of Picasso, Sappho, and an asexual doctor blur boundaries of time, space, and context in order to raise questions of creativity, sexuality, and identity.

    45. Life After God (1994)

    Author: Douglas Coupland

    With lyrical, reflective prose, Coupland compares individuals raised without religion in their lives and the myriad ways in which they attempt to find meaning and a spiritual center. Their methods may not necessarily always involve a deity, but all of them reach towards the same goal as their religious counterparts.

    46. Fight Club (1996)

    Author: Chuck Palahniuk

    Palahniuk’s raw debut novel offers a visceral, staccato glimpse into how American society represses and restrains inherent humanity to in order to create something artificial and purely material. It also offers insight into the ways countercultures can swell to mirror everything they initially protest.

    47. The Lives of Animals (1999)

    Author: J.M. Coetzee

    Coetzee delicately balances the tale of a sensible academic having to come to grips with his mother’s veganism with his analysis of humankind’s varied treatments of the animal kingdom.

    48. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999)

    Author: Stephen Chbosky

    A Catcher in the Rye for the Digital Age, narrator “Charlie” acts as a Holden Caulfield for a new generation growing up with a sense of detachment and isolation from a world they very much want to be a part of.

    49. Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation (1999)

    Author: John Phillip Santos

    Lovingly crafted from collected pieces of Mexican tradition, stories, and history with archaeological precision, Santos bridges together past, present, and future in an exploration and celebration of his family heritage.

    50. Sputnik Sweetheart (1999)

    Author: Haruki Murakami

    Lyrical and evocative, few authors know their way around unrequited love and loss as Murakami. This haunting, bittersweet novel reflects upon loneliness and the ways in which individuals become detached from one another as well as society as a whole.


    Source: Wikipedia

Regardless of theme, nation of origin, decade, or level of mainstream success, these fifty books and their authors (and artists) serve as a means of opening up readers to new perceptions and ideas. Some reflect the plight of individuals and groups largely ignored by society, some look to the internal to explain the external, and some postulate possible fates for humanity. All of them, however, deserve to be read and considered by anyone seeking to understand where civilization has been and where it may be headed.

5 Golden Tenets You Must Follow When in College

There are various phases that we go undergo as we trudge through this journey we call life, and college is one that is infinitely memorable and enriching. It could be the friends we make, the experiences we undergo, or a combination of a host of other things as well. And once we graduate, we know that we are never going to be able relive this part of life again. A graduate degree is an option, but that is way different from your first college experience, those carefree days when you were just discovering all you could about college and all that it offered.

Yes, college is a fantastic experience, one that could be elevated much more if you keep in mind five golden tenets that ensure that you never regret these four years you spend earning an education and a wealth of experience.

It’s pretty tempting to want to drop out and go back home when the going is tough and you’re missing your folks and friends back home at the same time. But if you do give in and drop out in your first year, you’re going to end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Besides, you are setting a bad example for yourself – you’re not even trying to go through with it, a habit that you may end up becoming used to all through your life.

  • Do not do drugs: Yes, there will be wild parties, alcohol and sex. But no matter what you do, don’t go near drugs. They are addictive and could end up ruining your life even before it has started. You must also know your limits and limitations when it comes to alcohol and other temptations. Only when fun has boundaries does it remain fun; if not, it becomes fatal.
  • Do not borrow money:College is a time when you’re supposed to study and earn a good GPA. So it’s ok to borrow money if it is for your tuition fees, but not if it’s for some other trivial expense. Always remember that money borrowed multiplies exponentially because of the interest, and before you know it, you’re so deep in debt that you despair of being able to pay it all back in this lifetime. So keep your borrowings down and your needs simple.
  • Do not hesitate to switch majors:And by this I don’t mean you must keep switching majors every few months or well into your sophomore year. If you’re not sure that you’ve chosen the right major in your first year, don’t hesitate to change to something you truly love before it’s too late. If you’re stuck being forced to learn something you don’t like, it’s a waste of four years of college.
  • Do not be complacent: No matter how good a student you are or how connected you are, it’s not good to be complacent about securing a job once you graduate. Nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to the real world, so keep working at your career options and dreams until you secure the position you are looking for.

Educating Parents about Online Education

There are regular schools and then there are online schools, and if you ask any parent to choose between the two, I’m sure they would choose the former. But that is only because they don’t know the benefits that good online schools offer people in certain situations and because they think that online education is only available for adults who are not good enough to get into regular colleges. But, there is a world of opportunities for both kids and adults out in the online world, and if parents were more educated about this fact, they would be open to the idea of their kids taking courses online. So how does one go about raising the level of awareness that parents have about online education?

The best thing to do would be to teach them how to search the Internet for great opportunities for their kids to further their knowledge and develop their skills. There are various sites that cater exclusively to kids, and most of them are totally free. Some teach Math and help your develop your speed and accuracy in solving problems, others help your child learn Science, History and Geography trivia, and yet others help them learn English grammar and sentence construction.

Online education need not be just about learning subjects that are taught at school – it can even involve general aspects, like video games that help develop your child’s coordination and role-playing skills. Your child also learns how to protect themselves from getting conned by people they have never met by learning the use the Internet more wisely.

The only thing that parents need to worry about when it comes to online education is when they’re asked to pay money upfront and/or provide their bank details and other sensitive information. It’s not wise to send money before you know for sure what you’re getting in return. In case of online schools that offer degrees and diplomas, it’s easy to check credentials because they are accredited by a reputable agency or not. But when it comes to simple courses that are just meant for kids to spend their time usefully and in the pursuit of knowledge, it’s always best to check out the people who operate the site and ask for references from satisfied customers so you can be absolutely sure you are not getting conned.

The online world of education has much to offer your child, so parents who are educated about this option are in the best position to provide their children with the best learning opportunities.