101 Tools For The Ultimate Twitter Expert

Think you know Twitter? Then check out these 101 tools for the ultimate Twitter expert to gain even more insight. They can help with research, organization, managing, and even in making a few extra bucks.

Must See Ultimate Tools for the Twitter Expert
The newest and best in Twitter tools are a must see or utilize to believe.

  1. Cinchcast : One of the newest social networking tools, this one has tons of options on just one site. Sign up for a free account and you can post “cinches,” create albums, track your favorites, and share them on a host of social network sites, including Twitter.
  2. TweetCube : Use your Twitter account as online storage with this free tool. Simply sign in to utilize the 10mb of space in video, image, and more. Files are deleted after 30 days, but the use is impressive.
  3. Filetwt : Another file sharing site, you can upload all sorts of files here. They can also be shared publicly or privately.
  4. NutshellMail : Twitter from your email account with this free tool. It comes with many features and is even compatible with other social network sites.
  5. twAitter :  A favorite of “PC Magazine” and others, this free tool is where Twitter and business meet. Use it to organize tweets, FollowFriday, calendars, reminders, and much more.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Make Money
Use these Twitter tools to make, or even save, some money.

  1. Adcause : Whether looking to buy or sell an ad, this is a good place to start. There are special sections of each, ads are displayed in between Tweets, and campaigns start at just $1.00.
  2. twtQpon : This Twitter tool lets you create custom coupons on post them on your page. Facebook and other social media sites are supported.
  3. Twtaway : Use this Twitter tool to locate tons of free contest and win great stuff just by twittering. You can even use it to create your own specialized contest.
  4. TwtBizCard : Save money on printing charges by using your Twitter account to pass on a virtual one. Just type in your information to get a free and custom card.
  5. Super Chirp! : Are your tweets popular enough to charge a subscription rate? Then check out this tool to see how they can help you.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Stay Organized
Use your Twitter time wisely by using these tools to organize your life, bank book, and more.

  1. Xpenser : Keep track of all your financial comings and goings using this free tool. Compatible with Twitter, iPhone, emails, and much more.
  2. Ugomo : This tool can turn Twitter into your very own workout log. Simply send a message and Ugomo can create charts, summaries, reports, and more.
  3. TwtTRIP : Use this Twitter themed organizer to keep track of your trips. Simply stop by to add your travel plans and share with other sites like Facebook or FriendFeed.
  4. Gift Registry: Stay on top of that wedding, birthday, or holiday by utilizing this free Twitter tool. No sign up required, the list is simply embedded in your Tweet feed.
  5. 21 Tweets : Need to quit smoking or stick to a diet? Then join the over 1,300 people who have used Twitter and this tool to do so in just 21 days..

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter and Mac Expert
Utilize Twitter and a variety of Mac OS platforms with these tools.

  1. TweetDeck : This tool is a must see for anyone using Twitter or other social utility site. It works with many popular ones, multiple accounts, platforms, and is completely free.
  2. TwitterPost : Use this standalone interface to post and read Twitter directly from your Mac. It is a lightweight and simple solution for Mac users who love Twitter.
  3. Twidget : This free dashboard widget for OS X allows you to update your Twitter status. Features include a 20 display timeline, one click refresh, reply recognition, and more.
  4. Tweetie : Choose the free ad supported version or shell out the $19.95 for the premium. It works with conversations, composition, searches, details, and more.
  5. Twitterrific : Need more features and have $14.95 to back it up? Then try this Twitter client for the Mac that supports multiple accounts, has keyboard shortcuts, and many other options.
  6. Lounge : Also available for the iPhone, Lounge contains many of the usual tools for Twitter from desktop. It also has many other features such as impressive displays and synchronization.
  7. Twitterlex : This tiny dashboard widget notifies you of Twitter updates. You can modify how often it updates and even use it with Growl.
  8. twhirl : Based on the Adobe Air platform, this tool works with Twitter and other accounts, such as FriendFeed and Seesmic. It allows you to shorten URLs, cross-post, and more.
  9. Safari140 : Use Twitter in tangent with Safari with this tool. You can post directly from Safari and it even auto-shortens long URLs.
  10. Incoming! : Unlike other apps, Incoming! is dedicated to searching Twitter and is available as a demo. Follow the latest trending topics, create advanced searches, or stalk your favorite users.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter and Firefox Expert
One of the preferred Internet browsers, Firefox can work nicely with either a Mac or PC. Get it to work with Twitter by checking out these tools.

  1. Twitterfox : This tool stands out for its ability to run without utilizing the sidebar or any other component of Firefox. A tiny icon notifies you of new tweets, allows you to read them, and even lets you post your own, without ever having to open your Twitter page.
  2. Power Twitter : Get some amazing Twitter themed features added to Firefox with the help of this tool. They include the ability to inline embedded media from popular sites, get search results, a “peek” option, and more.
  3. Twitbin : If not using your sidebar in Firefox, try getting this tool to utilize it for all your Twitter needs. Get a better display of Twitter than the above, along with a few more options.
  4. Tweetbar : Users of Firefox and Flock will enjoy this Twitter tool for them. Highlights include recognizing URLs and turning them into links, remembering username and password, and more.
  5. Tweetfox : This Mozilla made add-on works with both Firefox and Thunderbird applications. It also runs Twitter in the sidebar.
  6. TwittyTunes : Have FoxyTunes or just like the idea of sharing the music your currently listening to on Twitter? Then check out this tool to integrate music into your Twitter account.
  7. Friendbar : If you use Firefox, Twitter, and Facebook, this tool is a must have. It displays a running stream of text and photo updates right on the toolbar, and allows you to post updates, comment, update, retweet, and reply from the toolbar itself.
  8. TwitterBar : This simple tool allows you to post to your Twitter account from Firefox from your address bar. Simply type text into the bar and click the TwitterBar icon to post.
  9. Shareaholic : Go beyond Twitter and Firefox to hit just about every social media site with this tool. This lightweight and easy to use tool is supported by gmail and LinkedIn, along with Amazon, Delicious, Wordpress, and many others.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert That Dazzle
Get these Twitter tools to give you a visually impressive social network experience.

  1. Hoot Suite : A professional looking Twitter client, it is ideal for business minded users. It can manage workflow, track stats, brand monitoring, and more.
  2. IRL Connect : Turn your Twitter account into a visually stunning map with this tool. Currently only supported with Firefox 3, Safari, and Chrome.
  3. Destroy Twitter : When a new tweet arrives, Destroy Twitter uses a minimal amount of memory compared to its AIR-based alternatives without sacrificing functionality and performance. For users with PC, Mac, or Linux.
  4. ffwd : View and share your favorite videos with all your Twitter friends here. Supported sites include YouTube, Hulu, and more.
  5. TwittLink : Use this tool to bring the power of Twitter to your website. It helps use headlines to bring the Twitter community to you.
  6. SumtnSumtn : Similar to the above, this tool allows you to send tweets through your website. Drag the bookmarklet and click it to begin tweeting.
  7. PeraperaPrv : This Java written client is supported by multiple platforms. Features include tabbed viewing, automatic receiving, and many others.
  8. Refollow : This impressive looking tool helps you discover, manage, and even protect your Twitter social circle. You can use it to manage friends, group, explore graphs, and more.
  9. Twitter Backgrounds : Stop here to make your own free, customizable background for your Twitter page. They can also create a professional one for $99.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Research
Use these tools to make sense of your Twitter based research.

  1. MicroPlaza : Stop here first for a list of popular topics and news from the Twitter public timeline. Read the latest headlines, trends, and even get your own filtered news here.
  2. Twittley : Sign in with your own Twitter account to begin getting popular links. Choose from business, gaming, and a host of other topics.
  3. TipTop Search Engine : Search Twitter for anything to utilize this one of a kind search engine. Results contain advice and opinion, along with answers.
  4. WeFollow : Looking for the most popular user in news, entertainment, sports, or other? Then stop here for constantly updated rankings of Twitter users by followers.
  5. TwitExplorer : Use this free tool to quickly find new friends and increase your visibility. Search by username or any keyword.
  6. Twitter Friends Network Browser : Looking for that friend of a friend? Then use this tool to view your follower’s networks as trees for easy searching.
  7. Twittonary : Use this dictionary to research some of the most common and uncommon phrases in the Twitter verse. Simply type in the word to begin.
  8. postica : Use these virtual stickies to send yourself research notes through and from Twitter. Also compatible with your computer and iGoogle.
  9. Trendistic : Research the hottest trends in Twitter with this tool. It can show trends by chart or even by recent hot topics.
  10. WhosTalkin? : Is someone else talking about the subject your researching? Use this tool to see what conversations have been discussed on Twitter.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert’s Other Tools
Replace that day planner, calendar, and more with the below Twitter tools.

  1. Twittercal : Integrate your Google calendar to your Twitter account with this tool. Add and share events with a simple registration.
  2. Cal Tweet : Put the fliers away and use this tool to promote your events on both Twitter and Facebook. It also works with Google Maps and can send reminder messages.
  3. Twistory : Put away your journal and use this tool to turn Twitter into an online account of all your important tweets. It automatically stores them on many popular calendar apps.
  4. Twittermail : When you give them your Twitter credentials, they supply you with a TwitterMail email address, such as abcd1234@twittermail.com. If you send an email to that address it will be posted to Twitter.com
  5. Twitpay : Put away your checkbook/Paypal account and use this tool to make online transactions. It works with your existing Paypal account and can even help you sale items over Twitter.
  6. Twuffer : No need to remind yourself to send tweets when you can automatically schedule them here. You can even schedule hourly, daily, or monthly tweets.
  7. Social Oomph: Formerly Tweet Later, they are also a tweet scheduler. They can also track keywords, save drafts, automatically tweet new followers, and more.
  8. Twitpic : Use this tool as a way to show off those pics using your camera, phone, or computer. Just log in with your Twitter info to begin.
  9. Mr. Tweet : This tool provides an impressive substitute for an online personal assistant. It helps you manage and choose which Twitter relationships you would like to pursue.
  10. Tweet Beep : Have a friend who constantly tells you who was tweeting about you? Get one step ahead of them with this free tool that alerts you by email every time someone tweets about your or your products.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert with iPhones
Carry your Twitter account with you on your iPhone by utilizing these free and paid tools.

  1. Tweetie for iPhone : Winner of many awards and praise, this Twitter tool is worth the $2.99 price tag. It can handle multiple accounts, has an offline mode, doesn’t crash if you get a call, and much more.
  2. Tweetstack : Also selling for $2.99, this app also boasts an impressive number of features. There are also multiple account options, a special feature called “stacks,” and more.
  3. Twiltr : Love Twitter but hate all of the users who constantly clog up your timeline? Then get this paid program to filter them.
  4. Twittelator : If your favorite thing about Twitter is the price tag, then this free iPhone tool is for you. It can post images, maps, has a help button, no ads, and there is also a Pro version available for purchase.
  5. Twitterfon : Get a simple, clean Twitter client for your iPhone at no charge here. It can do most daily tasks such as manage friends, replies, timeline, and more.
  6. Twinkle : A standout feature of this tool is that it automatically updates your current location using your iPhone. You can even automatically attach pictures from your phone to your feed.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Meet Others
Get to know other Twitter people by utilizing these tools.

  1. Twibes : Find a join one of the hundreds of Twitter groups on this site. Join by area of interest, location, and more.
  2. Campus Tweet : Join the Twitter group of your current, and even former, college or university. You can meet other students, teachers, and people with similar interests.
  3. FitClick : Stop here to meet others in the diet and/or workout arena. In addition to the network, you also get a ton of free tools including, diet plans, calorie counters, and more.
  4. Bubble : Meet someone special based on your tweets with this tool. Simply enter your email to begin.
  5. Tweets Lounge : Want to know what’s going on in your area? Then use this tool to tweet those around you and see what’s going on.
  6. TwitWho : A human edited directory, find Twitter users by category. They include arts, business, society, and more.
  7. Tweeple411 : Similar to the above, it is another directory of Twitter users. Specialty categories of users include animal and poetry lovers.
  8. Twitter 2000 : Getting too many results with the above? Then try this search to find Twitter users with less than 2,000 followers who have posted in the last 30 days.
  9. OpenChatVille : This virtual playground is where Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace users meet friends and chat each other. Just sign in with any one of these three sites to begin chatting.
  10. Flock Poker : Use this Twitter tool to create a poker game and have other Twitter users join you. A game of Texas Hold ‘Em can also be shared on other sites.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert for Fun
Ditch the “all work” philosophy and have some fun with these Twitter tools.

  1. Twtpoll : Want to know what color to dye your hair or what car to buy? Then use this tool to create a free poll and ask your friends their opinion.
  2. DrawTweet : Use this free tool to show off your hand/mousemade drawings on Twitter. Powered by Adobe AIR.
  3. twtpets : Upload a photo of your pet and 140 characters to enter the battle. You can also enter the Battlefield to decide on a winner.
  4. Twrivia : Play this online Twitter version of trivia straight from your account. Prizes can also be won.
  5. Twetris : Love Twitter and Tetris? Then use this tool to play a game on your account with your keyboard.
  6. PrintYourTwitter : Before the next big thing comes along, use this tool to print a diary of all of your tweets. You can also archive them as a pdf, create a journal, and even add tweets to photos.
  7. Twitter Parody Videos : Get a few laughs from these Twitter themed videos. This top ten list includes entries from Conan O’Brien, The Onion, and more.
  8. Twittergrader : See where you rank on the massive site by typing in your tweet name. It looks at number of followers, their involvement, and the level at which you are engaging the community.
  9. idrankthis : Keep a log of all the drinks you’ve loved, and hated, using this free Twitter tool. Pictures are also supported.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Get Together
Meet up with your fellow Twitter users by utilizing these tools.

  1. Twtvite : Create or find an event, or Tweetup, in your town. Simply enter basic information on your event and share with everyone or just your Tweeps.
  2. Twitmesh : This tool allows you to send out invitations via Twitter to groups of your choice. You can even send 150 per day.
  3. GoTwitr : Another invitation site, this one is ideal for sending invites to the community in general. There are also other features such as “mimic follow,” promotions, and more.
  4. Tweetcloud : Search for anything, anywhere to get a list of Twitter exclusive results. A list of current and hot topics are already linked to for convenience.
  5. Tweetsum : This tool is ideal for getting rid of those you follow whom are designated “douche bags.” You can also see the most recent tweets of each new follower for easy indexing.
  6. Friend or Follow : Use this free tool to see who is following you and who isn’t on Twitter. Useful for seeing who isn’t following you back.
  7. Twitterless : Want to know when someone stops following you? Then try this free tool that even throws in free graphs and stats on your following.
  8. Twitoria : Use this tool to get rid of all the followers on Twitter who have not been active. You can filter by week, month, or even year.

Tools for the Ultimate Twitter Expert to Stay Out of Stores
Put away the pocketbook and stay in your chair with the help of these Twitter tools.

  1. twtcard : Save a trip to the store by sending a custom greeting card through Twitter. Choose from various backgrounds and add your own message to make it special.
  2. Hashlove : Another greeting card site, this one specializes in eCards. Simply pick a background, including Star Trek and funny ones, to begin.
  3. Zazzle : Shop online here for a host of humorous t-shirts and other Twitter themed products. Be sure to check out the Twitter mug for a customizable gift.
  4. Twitdrink :  Buy a drink for any or all of your Twitter buddies with this tool. As guessed, drinks are virtual and only useful for fun.
  5. Just Bought It : Stay out or get into a store with the help of this tool. It shows which Twitter users have bought what and where to give you a good idea of when to go.
  6. iAte : Learn which restaurants to love or lose with this tool. Simply select your location and go. Also compatible with mobile devices.

With new tools being added daily, Twitter experts can find themselves behind the loop on a regular basis. Keep on top of trends by utilizing the 101 tools for the ultimate Twitter expert to stay that way in the present and future.